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Wildlife World NOURISH Hedgehog Food Dry 1kg

Wildlife World NOURISH Hedgehog Food Dry 1kg

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Wildlife World are pleased to introduce it's own brand of Nourish Hedgehog Food.  A PREMIUM complementary feeding mix with added vitamins and brewers yeast. It has a high meat content and is suitable for all adult wild hedgehogs.  Fresh water must also be provided in a shallow dish when feeding.

    • Small kibble size perfect for adult hedgehogs

    • High meat content versus cereal content

    • Contains Brewers Yeast with antioxidant properties

    • Dry kibble is non-smelly

Feeding is a great way of helping hedgehogs both through the complementary nutrition and also because you are monitoring activity on a daily basis and can provide early intervention if problems arise. Obvious injuries or wounds can be treated by your local hedgehog rescue if identified early.

Place Food  in a hedgehog feeding station or hedgehog house with predator resist door for safe feeding. Dogs and badgers will kill hedgehogs so take care if feeding in the open.

Serve in a heavy low-sided dish. Fresh water should also be provided in a shallow dish. Serve small portions and remove uneaten food daily.

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