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Water is Life Bird Bath & Drinker - Seconds Stock

Water is Life Bird Bath & Drinker - Seconds Stock

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Water is Life Bird Bath & Drinker - These are missing the original box, or the box is water damaged.  They also do not have any instructions.

Made to attract all varieties of birds, plus other animals and pollinating insects, the Wildlife World Water Is Life Bath and Drinker is a beautiful and practical addition to any garden. The innovative design makes this so much more than a regular bird bath, with a shallow basin that is safe and easily accessible to welcome many different species.

SHALLOW, UNIQUE DESIGN: This bather and drinker features a shallow basin with a low pedestal height.

FOR MANY SPECIES: Provides a vital source of water for birds, bees, butterflies, and small mammals. Invites bird and wildlife species to cool off, drink, and bathe in the water.

MADE OF NATURAL AND RECYCLED MATERIALS: Made from Polyboo, an innovative mix of 100% recycled plastic and natural bamboo fibres which is more durable and planet-friendly than many other bird baths on the market.

YEAR-ROUND DURABILITYThe frost-proof material ensures the birdbath will not crack or break during the winter months or in cold

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