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Timeless Lutyens Swingseat Bird Feeder

Timeless Lutyens Swingseat Bird Feeder

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FSC certified wood

The English country house style of classical architect Edwin Lutyens inspired the Timeless Lutyens Swingseat Bird Feeder.

Swing Time Bird Feeder is made from FSC-certified timber from well-managed sources and features a removable and washable hygienic feed tray suitable for various feed types such as seeds, nuts, mealworms or scraps. It is perfect for feeding small bird species such as robins, great tits, blue tits who are small and agile and can land lightly on the seat, arms or backrest. The swinging style and hanging ropes act as a deterrent to larger birds such as pigeons so the little birds can feed in peace.


Clean and disinfect the recycled plastic feed tray regularly to prevent disease and dry thoroughly before re-use. We recommend an annual repaint using exterior water-based paint to keep the surface sealed to maintain its appearance fully.


Dimensions: 165 x 245 x 140 mm

Weight: 375g

Materials: FSC timber

Colour: Grey

Special Features: Classic architectural design, removable tray.

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