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Simon King

Open Nest Buddy

Open Nest Buddy

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Suspend the Open Buddy's nest in foliage, like wildlife-friendly ivy, utilising the provided twine hanging loop. Alternatively, secure it with garden wire. Place it discreetly, shielded from prevailing winds, maximizing the likelihood of occupancy. Elevate your garden with this thoughtfully designed birdhouse.

Key Features:

  • Buddy's open design mimics a natural branch structure, enhancing the appeal for nesting birds.
  • Finished in a natural brushwood hue, it blends seamlessly with the environment, complemented by a robust metal frame for prolonged durability.
  • An incorporated waterproof membrane in the roof adds an extra layer of defense against the elements, ensuring a cozy and secure haven for your feathered friends.



    Dimensions: 235 x 160 x 160 mm

    Weight: 130g

    Materials: Metal and brushwood

    Colour: Brown

    Special Features: Lightweight, natural materials and appearance

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