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Hedgehog House Retreat

Hedgehog House Retreat

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Approximately 25% of hedgehogs don't make it from one year to the next, facing threats from modern agricultural practices, toxic slug pellets, pesticides, garden tools, bonfires, road accidents, and a lack of secure habitats. Offering a haven for these vulnerable creatures, the Wildlife World Hedgehog Retreat ensures their safety.

Constructed with a robust, rust-proofed steel frame and an FSC waterproof lining, this retreat boasts an integrated predator defense tunnel and an aesthetically pleasing woven natural material finish. Strategically place the retreat in a covered area, sheltered from prevailing winds and preferably near vegetation. Enhance camouflage and insulation by surrounding the retreat with leaves or foliage.

In areas with boisterous dogs or potential badger activity, secure the retreat further by anchoring it down with 2-4 tent pegs hooked over the metal frame and pushed into the ground. Regular maintenance is crucial for wildlife products, including an annual check for damage, loose components, and cleanliness during winter. Before conducting the inspection, ensure that the retreat is not currently in use by hedgehogs. This proactive approach helps create a safe haven, increasing the chances of hedgehog survival.


Not suitable for sick or rescued hedgehogs that require regular inspection. If feeding hedgehogs always leave a bowl of fresh water out. Try using our Hedgehog Water and Snack bowls here.

Hedgehog Facts

As omnivores, hedgehogs will eat almost anything they come across. Hedgehogs are very much the gardener’s friend, eating those invertebrates such as slugs, beetles, earwigs and caterpillars, which the gardener loves to hate. Hedgehogs also love worms and will eat millipedes that many predators find distasteful.

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