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Hanging Gothic Bird Table / Gothic Lantern -In Green

Hanging Gothic Bird Table / Gothic Lantern -In Green

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Hanging Gothic Bird Table - These are seconds stock and will have imperfections, dents, protruding screws, paint issues etc.

Green Beautiful Hanging Gothic Bird Tables - Available in White or Green distressed paintwork.

This attractive gothic bird feeding table features intricate woodwork and authentic aged copper roof . It is a great garden focal point which provides vital feeding area. It can be hung from trees, pergolas feed stations or fences and walls if you have a suitable bracket.

It can also be used as a hanging lantern in your garden with the addition of lights (not included) - See pics below.  Or even as an indoor decorative item

It is important to clean your feeding surface regularly with boiling water or proprietary sterilizer.

Repaint annually or as needed with water based paints . Size Approx H 310 mm x W 190 mm x D 160 mm

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