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Cherington Bird Bath - SECONDS STOCK

Cherington Bird Bath - SECONDS STOCK

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These have water damaged boxes and may have the odd scuff or scratch, these do not affect its usage

The stunning Cherington Bird Bath is part of our Vintage Garden collection, designed to be a timeless sculptural feature in your garden or outdoor space. This all-metal product has a bronzed antique appearance. An ornamental birdbath to enhance your flowerbed, planter, or lawn area. The shallow sloping dish makes this birdbath accessible for many bird species and many beneficial insects. The leaves and stems of the bath are elegant and make for excellent perches and landing spots.

Siting the Cherington Bird Bath

The birdbath is suitable for placing in garden borders, lawns, pots, or other compact ground areas using the metal stem with stability spikes. Please check the ground for obstructions such as electrical cables, water pipes or services before inserting the stem. It is always best to site the birdbath somewhere accessible to see as you can monitor the water levels and enjoy wild animals using it.


Periodically replace the water and sanitise with a good wash ensures good hygiene is maintained. The all-metal design makes it easy to clean, saving you time.

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