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Simon King

Cabin Bird Nester

Cabin Bird Nester

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From a sustainable source

Catering to the nesting preferences of small wild bird species like robins, wrens, and flycatchers, the Simon King Cabin offers a thoughtfully designed haven. Its open entrance and concealed nest space provide security from predators. Designed for multi-purpose use, small birds can utilize the cabin for shelter during inclement weather, helping them conserve vital body fat for survival.

The cabin's robust metal frame ensures durability, while the cozy liner on the roof adds an extra layer of comfort. The rattan landing platform and low wall create a distinct boundary between the entrance and the roosting or nesting space. Elevate your garden with this meticulously crafted haven, providing a secure and versatile habitat for your feathered friends.

Simon King says:

“I would position your Cabin Nester between half a metre and three metres high for most species, unless it is for spotted flycatchers which will need it a little higher still. You can position it in a shrub, a bush, up against a fence or an ivy-clad wall.”


Dimensions: 155 x 290 x 150 mm

Weight: 260g

Materials: Steel frame, brushwood, rattan

Colour: Brown

Special Features: Proven design, lightweight, natural materials and appearance

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