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Andaluz Bumblebee Nester

Andaluz Bumblebee Nester

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Andaluz Bumblebee Nester

Help the nation’s bumblebees with our brand new ceramic Andaluz bumblebee nester!

Wildlife Worlds Andaluz Bumblebee Nesters are all handmade and hand-painted in Spain by skilled artisans. Designed in the UK, taking inspiration from traditional straw bee skeps. However, the Andaluz bumblebee nesters are more robust than their traditional counterparts as they’re made using durable hi-fired glazed ceramic. This frost-resistant nester provides a dry and ventilated home for bumblebees and small mammals such as voles, mice and shrews. So, don’t be disappointed if you get a furry resident in the first year, as bumblebees prefer using old nests, so they are more likely to use the nester the following year. 

Did you know bumblebees are attracted to yellow? The brightly painted bumblebee design is not just for our enjoyment. It also allows the bumblebees to find the nester easily as they are sight orientated.


Bumblebees orientate by sight. So, place the skep in a visible area they can easily find and return to. It is important to have sufficient contrast between the skep and its surroundings. Avoid placing it in direct sun, and try to keep it sheltered from the wind. Good locations include the bottom of hedges, raised banks or flower borders

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