Wild Things – Swan and Duck Food 5Kg

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Wild Things – Swan and Duck Food 5Kg

This food has short dates – hence the great price

Date 05/08/22

Wild Things Swan and Duck Food is designed to float on the water’s surface so that it remains accessible to the birds for longer. While providing the much needed nutrition for your local wildfowl, WildThings Swan & Duck Food also helps prevent the pollution caused when uneaten food sinks to the bottom of the lake and rots.

Carbohydrate-rich foods, such as bread, can seriously harm the health of wildfowl, increasing the risk of deformity, disease and malnutrition. WildThings Swan & Duck Food is an environmentally friendly and wholesome alternative. Packaged in a reinforced paper sack. It is also extremely tasty, so you will quickly become the most popular person at the lake!