Nestbox With Timber Roof And Frame

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Chalet roosting Nest Pocket

Nestbox With Timber Roof And Frame. A new attractive Chalet design roosting nest pocket with one hole (size: general roost/nest) and a solid FSC certified timber roof and frame. The ‘Chalet Nester’ allows birds more space, and the opportunity for larger broods when used for nesting. Can also be used as a pop-in feeder for small birds. Embracing a design that prevents large birds taking all the food, these are great fun to watch. (Ideal food: Sunflower hearts, black sunflower seed etc).  Fix to a bird table, fence, tree or wall. Nest is easy to remove or replace.

Nestbox With Timber Rood and Frame Siting: – use a screw/hook to hang from back plate. Fixing height between 0.8 and 1.9m and ideally to face between North around to SE

Nestbox With Timber Roof and Frame Features:Nesting, roosting or feeding pocket with weather protection and easier installation against walls etc

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