Brushwood Hedgehog Shelter

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The Everything Wildlife Brushwood hedgehog shelter is designed to be an attractive natural home and safe retreat for hedgehogs.  The shelter features a sturdy rust-proof steel frame with a waterproof roof liner with an attractive natural brushwood finish.

After hedgehogs emerge from winter hibernation, courtship and mating takes place.  The female will bring nesting material into the shelter in preparation for birth of the hoglets.

During the summer months the shelter will be used to retreat from poor weather conditions or as protection from predators.  Maybe consider pegging down the shelter  with tent pegs to stop it being moved.

Site in a quiet position out of prevailing winds in an area with some nearby vegetation cover.

Maintenance FREE.

Shelter Size approx W 54cm x D 47cm x H 16cm

Hole size approx 12cm (taken half way does narrow at the top) x H 15cm

Rattan or natural brushwood style hedgehog houses with an open bottom are not suitable for Hedgehog Rescue Centres.
We recommend Hedgehog Rescue Centres use wooden Hedgehog Houses where the roof can be opened when wanting to check on or inspect recuperating hedgehogs

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