Dewdrop Bird Nestbox

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Dewdrop Bird Nestbox

These are slight seconds which may have imperfections.  These imperfections will not affect its use

The Dewdrop Bird Nestbox is a novel teardrop shape rather than a traditional rectangular box. Made from durable FSC certified plywood and with a decorative bamboo finish and natural hanging rope. The front and rear of the nest box is painted in pale aqua blue. The entrance hole is finished with a 32mm stainless steel hole protector.

The nester is suitable for all small hole nesting species such as Blue Tits and Great Tits. As with all bird nesters it should be sited away from bird tables and feeding areas. Choose a spot which so that the entrance hole faces between north and south east and hang at a height of 1.5 – 2.5m. Try to ensure the dewdrop is positioned to be safe from predators such as cats.

At the end of nesting season August – November the dewdrop nester can be cleaned by opening the circular access panel on the rear of the nester.

No chemicals are used in the making of this product. To maintain the appearance, the painted panels can be repainted with a water based paint as required

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